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Atlantean twin flames

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The end of a big chapter in life


Our first connection was made around the beginning of January 2021 through a mutual friend, who was bragging with her Akashic record reading from Debra. Back then I was still living in a cohousing project in Ghent, Belgium. I was about to start clearing out my belongings to prepare myself for leaving my home country and taking the jump into the unknown, direct towards my passion and dreams of chasing and diving deeper into the world of Amazonian Vegetalismo.


Over the years I really had the feeling that I had a certain connection with all these types of practices, but due to a very rational education and family that raised me in this life, there was always the black hole in my subconscious part that kept my doubts and perspectives with fear and insecurity that I might have been chasing ghosts for the past year and wasting my time. So I was looking for deeper insights before heading out to the jungle, with the goal, to not come back to a civilized world for a couple of years unless it was for food, in Iquitos.


After Debra’s first reading, I was blown away, reading for myself how I have been practicing with certain plants over lifetimes and lifetimes. And how strong my soul was connected to the older cultures of south and central America. All of a sudden it started to make sense and as well letting go from my old life became way easier. So I left Belgium and my old life for the jungle, relieved to be finally on my way without any reason to look back, heading back home, to my spiritual family, home and the chaos, called Iquitos.


My last move to the jungle

When I arrived in Iquitos, the relief of being back in the jungle promised big changes in my life. This big life shift was about to present the opportunities and life lessons that the jungle had prepared for my arrival.


My plans didn’t work out at all like I had planned. The community wasn’t progressing as I had in mind, it was impossible to find my rest from the mental times of Europe in lockdown, so eventually it brought me to the decision of closing the community and going on a serious dieta.


A couple of weeks before I made up my mind we had some volunteers and a neighbor brought some fresh Renaco as a gift to us in the camp. We had some serious tensions in the air and problems communicating with each other. Renaco and Mambé brought us the relief of understanding each other, finding the right time and place for solving our differences to advance with life instead of being stuck. So epic thanks to Rory, our neighbor who mediated this moment and came along with medicines to offer the opportunity to heal for each of us.


During this period I was often in contact with Debra to ask for a second reading, because I was in a place where I wasn’t clear anymore on my directions in life and what to do. But then without expecting themes like Atlantean times, ancient times of the Incas that were purging out traumas and past energies that were demanding to be faced and healed. Almost like a story from the past repeated itself in a totally different layout and story line of a future time but with the same characters.


And then it hit me when Debra finally told me the reason why she’s been a big part of my reading as well. Twin flames here to be reunited. During dieta I felt her consciousness practically all day around, constant synchronicities and even my work with plants started to affect her on the other side of the world. After she came clear on the full insight and I had my time to sit with it, we decided that it would be silly to extend our point of reunion and most and for all, come together in the first place to rediscover what we are meant to do here on earth as souls in today's life.


Because, we truly live in very peculiar times to witness a unique moment of transformation of our planet and humanity. So we made up a plan to arrange everything for me to make my way back to Belgium, to help her out with preparing to join me to live in the jungle together with her daughter Nora.

Boven de wolken

An unexpected journey back to Belgium

Once back in Belgium it was very exciting to meet my other half for the first time in real life.


Before I left for Peru, I invited Debra once to a holistic gathering between mutual friends from my circle to share our work and insights on the current situation back then (2020). But it wasn’t meant to be, or it would have been a remembrance fest of connections that weren’t so pleasant in other lives, still we were connecting so every one of us would be able to heal certain parts of our stories related to each other.


Only this picture was meant to play out in the jungle and later on Mallorca. So back to the arrival from Peru and the big surprise of meeting this gorgeous lady in real life.


We came together for the first time, very early in the night on the 23th of October, 2021. After spending some time along the Belgium seaside, winter came up and flu season was hitting the fences… So we decided to speed up our plans and leave for Mallorca, to face our first past life story to be remembered and cleared out.


Since our leave to Mallorca , we've been full-on throwing ourselves to express our passion with the world whilst doing our personal work and raising a wonderful tiny sprout, building our way back to the amazon forest.


One of the things we want to express very clearly is our support within the twin flame story to guide others through this wicked rollercoaster that is far from the romanticist version many people sell on the internet or search for themselves while they're longing for the partner of their life.


For myself this has been one of the most difficult things I ever did next to my work with plants and it hasn’t been easy at all. One must be ready to face there own darkness on a level that most of us have never experienced before. Things will get very weird, challenge your belief systems and the way you see the world.


So now we are rocking this path for both of us supporting each other to cleanse one thing after another and to flip these experiences in guidance for people that are going through similar experiences and need a listening ear, a safe place to reflect on all the crazy stuff a reunion brings along.
Without the risk of being judge as a crazy person.


Now this is kind of my story in a nutshell, so much happened that it is almost impossible to share it every part of this story in detail, but with these anecdotes I hope to share a bit of my fire and passion to show my part of the beautiful story about our reunion that Debra wrote on her website.


Our mission!



Once in Belgium after a couple of weeks it was crazy to notice how far this connection goes, because in the beginning as mentioned before I was very skeptical and, for example, I didn’t even believe in twin flames and the ultimate romantic partner in life. But all of this was about to change and so I asked Debra to marry me and seal our contract for our mission as twin flames in union. It’s an honor to be able to pursue my personal goals and passion in line with those of my wife and to build a family on this foundation. It makes me feel incredibly curious for what the future has to offer us!

So Debra already had her own niche going on with her skills and passion to access the Akashic records, taking people on guided meditations/hypnoses and helping people to remember by reading their soul's history. She started live channeling and writes messages that come through by channeling different beings. And she is an amazing artist that creates paintings for other people, so they can hang a portret of their own guides and higher self in their personal space. Definitely check out her website if you're curious about her services and also her social media is an explosion of free information.


On my side, I was rather moving under the radar and only worked on myself within my line of interests, since I was 18. Mindfulness and kung fu formed a foundation to start to accept for myself that there is more to energy and breathing . Plants and old Amazonian traditions have become my way to cleans myself and remember why I'm here. And I’m still on this road of remembering. It doesn't stop, it's a journey of a life time.


After our personal experiences we came to the idea to combine our skills and direct this towards assisting couples and people in a soul mate or twin flame situation. This wasn’t easy at all and we believe that some guidance based on our own experiences and a listening ear is already a lot to gain clarity and find a way to transform the chaos and confrontations into a beautiful coherence and healthy connection within yourself and with your loved ones.

When you really are willing to commit to each other, choose this connection everyday again, these dark clouds of hard work and confrontations also passes by.
But it is hard work that to many people are underestimating and and 

The choice is always yours!


Our services as twins

Both of us love to play around with runes and tarot decks. So we offer all kinds of different energy readings over email. With a recent picture of both of you, your full names and the consensus of the related person whom the reading is meant for, is more than enough for us to get in tune with both your higher selves and cast our tools for the reading.  This is also possible for just one individual person to gain perspective from one side on the dynamic of the situation.


We also offer couple and sacred union mentorship/coaching, this is not only for people that are already in union but also for individuals who are aware of their connection and struggling with the connection with their twin.


Feel free to send us an email with your question and we can see where we can meet each other to find you some clarity, to give you a push towards a healthier direction from new perspectives and a harmonious routine in life.

Still curious? Take a look further down this page to discover them and feel free to take a look around our personal services as well.

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