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Rune stone reading

A SHORT INSIGHT ON different topics


The topics you can choose are:      
- Health       

- Love       

- Work       

- Spirituality       


For this reading I don’t offer the video calls, because it is just a quick peek into any of the topics of your choice.

When you book the reading, You will be linked to email me and you'll receive an invoice from PayPal in your mailbox. In this way I want to motivate communication between us to offer the best I can by understanding why you exactly want to get this reading.

The most important thing is that I’m always there for you after the readings. This work holds a lot of responsibility. And it can sometimes feel like opening Pandora’s box. Eventually during your process things will come up that feel very uncomfortable and you might find a lot of benefit in being able to share this with somebody that understands what you’re going through. So I’m always there to follow up your process and listen to what you need to share.

It is not always that easy these days to share specifics on what many of us are experiencing from within, so a safe space to share this with somebody you can trust is at most important. None of us are alone in this and so we shouldn’t be left alone once you start this journey. It is important to support one another so we can lift each other up and grow with the full experiences that life throws at us. Which become no longer problems, but rather opportunities for more growth and a deeper connection with oneself.

You’re not obligated to book any of my services for just reaching out and asking for help or some insights. I believe it is important that you feel comfortable with me to open yourself up in a very vulnerable position without being judged for any topic you would like to work on or gain insights for. For this I find it very beneficial to do a free intake session before we even decide on what service would be best for your situation.

Feel free to reach out with any questions on your personal situation. 
Click below on my email to get directly in touch with me:


Did you have something small in mind that you wanted to get a second opinion or some guidance on from mother nature and her allies. This is a quick peek into your topic of choice. The first stone is about the essence of the situation. The second stone is a view on what doesn't belong or is a block. And then I finish with the third stone to close the reading and give some insights on where to keep your focus within your question

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