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Your experience with Sapito

Guestbook: Recensies

Wow, the first card from my life tree reading came in strong and directly. Amazing work you're doing! Thank you


I had followed Nick’s “twin flame 🔥 “ journey for some time and was intrigued by his own story and gifts-it wasn’t until I had a severe, scratchy, rash all over my body for several weeks when it came back-I knew I needed special help from a plant based healer with a universal view-Nick popped into my minds eye!
I asked him about the rash and gain more guidance than I could have ever expected! Nicks kindness and generosity in spirit was amazing-
Nick started with my body and diet & gradually expanded to a bigger, universal picture with specifics, care, & genuine support that I have yet to experience with a healer! His clarity and expression and the joy in how he shared his knowledge-was quite extraordinary. I have been on this journey for over 30 years and have encountered MANY-many healers & shamans throughout the Americas and my experience and reading from Nick is unparalleled to any I’ve had. Nick is my “go to healer” now-thank you! 🙏🏼


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