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I never imagined to be practicing this professionally, but along these past years this has been pushed on my path because it used to be one of my tools for divination and guidance towards clarity and understanding in many lives before this one. This period was one big journey of remembering who I really am and along came this wisdom as gifts after very deep work. For the first time guides, visions, clairsentience,.. broke through like I have never experienced before. By working alongside my wife, while building up my own projects, we started to do these readings as an aid to the people that come to us so that they would get clarity on specific questions or an energy reading for the year ahead. With this we noticed that we offered some very insightful and clear detailed information that is practically applicable in daily life. Along with the cards a whole bunch of information comes through the client’s higher self and/or guides or ancestors. Every time we do a reading we use a different set-up to express the information that comes through. We are often blown away by the results now that we can look back over the years and see the benefits that friends and loved ones experienced from the readings that we did.


So that is why I decided to dive even deeper into this on my own and fine tune my card reading services. Automatic writing is the way that I channel information for myself and for others too. By specifically connecting my practice in the Amazonian medicine tradition and personal connections with plant spirits to this work I bring a unique insight combined in a bundle that brings the messages to people that they need to receive from higher up.


Recently we all had big changes going on in our lives and are still moving through many layers, so guidance to aim for a life in harmony with ourselves and the people we love around us while we can express the core essence of our soul and medicine in this lifetime. No problem is permanent and it’s always there to teach us something, only to bring us closer to what makes our hearts sing our own unique song.


It takes a lot of work and clearing to find the clarity on what this contains for each individual. Thanks to my own experience of cleaning and diving into The big questions in life, I wish to help others on this path to bring them this personal message with tools and clarity to achieve this goal for themselves. 


I feel that we all truly deserve to reconnect to our essence and true authentic self. The essence of our soul and start to remember why we are here.


How do I do these readings?

The readings are intuitively guided by my higher self and guides as well as the person his higher self and guides for who is receiving a reading. The only thing I ask for is a recent picture and your full name and then I sit with the card decks and your picture to pull the cards. When everything is laid out I write it all out and send this content as a text document with pictures of every step in the reading and the energy within to your mailbox.

We can also go deeper into it with a personal video call before I start the reading so we can have a conversation to create a deeper understanding for what it exactly is that you like to receive a reading on. I particularly love this approach most because I can gain a deeper sense of who you are and how your energy feels, even more than with a picture. You can explain all the details and ask any questions that you have. At the same time I can hold space for you and apply for a mini coaching session with the reading as a detailed conclusion.

Because in email and message people can easily give an image of themselves that they like to share and hide the parts that they do not want to share. I believe that I’m able to help you on a much deeper level with a video call and so I can intuitively sense deeper which oracle or tarot decks and rune stones will be best for your personal situation. We have a whole collection at home that I use for many different reasons and this leads to a unique reading for each individual that I hold space for and offer extra guidance and tips to continue the path that you walk today.

My extra personal touch to the readings is delivered with a conclusion from many different perspectives at the end of each reading, big or small doesn't matter, including extra information and messages from your own guides. You can also receive an audio recording or video recording of our meeting session, when you desire them as a recap. Also you will find some practical tools to integrate the information of the reading into your daily routine towards your best good.


The most important thing is that I’m always there for you after the readings. This work holds a lot of responsibility. And it can sometimes feel like opening Pandora’s box. Eventually during your process things will come up that feel very uncomfortable and you might find a lot of benefit in being able to share this with somebody that understands what you’re going through. So I’m always there to follow up your process and listen to what you need to share.

It is not always that easy these days to share specifics on what many of us are experiencing from within, so a safe space to share this with somebody you can trust is at most important. None of us are alone in this and so we shouldn’t be left alone once you start this journey. It is important to support one another so we can lift each other up and grow with the full experiences that life throws at us. Which become no longer problems, but rather opportunities for more growth and a deeper connection with oneselves.

You’re not obligated to book any of my services for just reaching out and asking for help or some insights. I believe it is important that you feel comfortable with me to open yourself up in a very vulnerable position without being judged for any topic you would like to work on or gain insights for. For this I find it very beneficial to do a free intake session before we even decide on what service would be best for your situation.

Feel free to reach out with any questions on your personal situation on my email:

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