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Time to get out of the closet - Part 1

This story was originally an effort to step out of the shadows and tell my truth about my own experiences and accept the insights and memories that I have been experiencing during my lifetime. This year all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together no matter how wild it sounded at the moments I received these waves of information, with a double check on sanity of my own state by my wife and at the same time confirmation through her channel and sources of information. Which is for her a daily job and the way we navigate through life.

So here I go, on the 27th of January 2023, my love offered me an extended Akashic record reading live. Where I could directly interact with the information that comes through and that I could ask my own questions and adjust or ask deeper when needed. Both of us were blown away by the fluency of the session and the amount of information that came up. It took me a couple of weeks to process before I was even able to bring it in a text.

I will try to keep the conversation as raw as possible, because we have been recording audio in Flemish (Dutch from Belgium). Which can have funny sounds and expressions if you translate it directly to English. Between the parts of information you'll find some extra insights or thoughts processes or memories that are connected for me to the information that came up.

The first situation was about a voice message we got from a mutual friend who was in the Peruvian Amazon at that time. She was dealing with a girl they had met on their path, she was in a very bad shape and mental space, under the influence of entities that live on fear and deep dark emotions. I have not so much experience with it myself, but never took these topics lightly with the things I've seen with my own eyes, being in Iquitos and the jungle.

So we advised her to go to the family where I learn from, because they are located close to the center of Iquitos and are easy to reach in moments of emergency. So they went over and planned an exorcism, with Pedro, 3 nights back to back ceremonies to deal with this situation.

So when we checked in for my reading I dropped this question in to get more insights into what was going on there and if we could possibly do anything from a far distance. Anyways this is where my 33th birthday reading started, asking if we could do something over distance to aid the back to back ceremonies on the other side of the world.

The reading

D. I see both of us together, while listening to the voice message I already see our dragons flying and circling around us. And they show a shield of protection around us for cases of attacks or anything energetically. So there is no need to worry. Both of you really need to understand that you're grounded, like a heavy anchor and that you can lend out some attention to this situation over distance. As long as you don't influence the choices that they make you can offer them all the support you could send by intention through personal connections and guides.

Now is not the time for her to be impressed by the occurring situation.She knows who she is and it's time to step into her power with confidence. From our side there is no problem in sharing with her the clarity from our side to explain to her that this is a test on her own path with the Amazonian traditions in medicinal plants. It's ok to give some advice, but from that point she will need to make her own choices and take action how she feels and sees fit to the situation.

The girl she is dealing with is a connection from another life. They used to help each other before in other life to experience specific settings of life experience they chose to be part of each other's lessons from before being born, soul family. So not to say that she is a bad girl, not at all. Now, in this life she is completely lost and forgotten who she actually really is. I see her standing in a tunnel, looking for a light staring into the void. I see her yelling: "Hello?! Hello?! I can't find the way out anymore". Like she doesn't realize where she is or what she's doing in that space, feeling hopeless.

The energy/being that she is holding within her presence or energy field, is actually a collection of energies from all kinds of experiences that she had during different lifetimes. They form a collective frequency that expresses some very low emotions, like fear, anger, frustration,.. For example, all in the line of deep trauma work. I see all kinds of parts within different layers blocked, like stagnation energy that needs to be cleansed and released. They are all connected back to this lifetime, the moment of opportunity to deal with them once and for all. As long as this energy feeds from these emotions and blocks she'll be lost like I see her in the tunnel.

So there is no need to worry or fear ugly things from the outside, but this was a serious case of a person being lost in the energies of trauma that she has been carrying with her. This will be a very heavy task. A very strong lesson in boundaries and dealing with energies!

"This is a very important moment to her in her process where she'll be tested to see how she will handle the situation. When things get very intense with these types of treatment one needs to be firm and learn where the boundary comes in to just hold space or to interact and aid a person's personal process.

Forcing or manipulating energies in somebody else's process can be very bad in the way that you take away the opportunity from a person to learn an important lesson that they might be receiving. Because most of the time they just struggle within their own process but the really crazy threads can come in big and very unexpected ways. Then you have to be on your guard in your space to handle whatever you'll be facing.

Because you're responsible for each individual in that space and this is not taken lightly, you have to be ready to give your life for the safety and health of your patient when it comes to these crazy conflicts. That's where the power in your medicine and work is. You're all the way into it from toe to head and with your whole heart. I live for this. Even though it still scares me when I'm face to face with this kind of situation, I will still move on ahead, no matter what.

For a matter of fact, I used to take this very lightly but changed my opinion very quickly when I had my own first encounters with black magic, Ayahuasqueros with different intentions and low frequency beings or entities. Which is a normal aspect in the line of work with Ayahuasca and so many other styles I've experienced in the jungle."

N. Ok thank you for the answer on this situation. I will let it go now and see that we already did what we could within a healthy boundary.

D. Oh one more thing is about Pedro, he can help out our friend to find the way out of these darkness of toxic relationships and to reconnect with her own Christ consciousness. Also as a male figure, he would be a good soul to guide her back to balance with her own masculine energy. Also this is a thing that was strongly influenced by the Vatican and their perspective on Christianity.

N. Hahaha, ok kind of like her past life father. (Laughing, I was her father back in Atlantean times, so the silly joke was in his place)

D. So this can be triggering at first but when she sees it through she'll discover this reality for herself. No reason in telling her about it, because this can be provoking triggers that are not ready to be released. Everything at its own pace.

N. Ok! Sounds very nostalgic on my side. Now that we are talking about Pedro, I have this small list of certain people that I wanted some clarity on to see why we were connected and why certain things happened the way they did.

Just to get all the questions of my chest that have been hunting me for the past year and some for longer. This could get me a lot of insights and opportunities to see things for what they are and let them go in gratitude. Now some names I will leave as they are like Pedro his name. Just so you know for their own privacy, because some of these things can be a bit difficult to talk about, without holding things back to get this story straight and complete.

N. Now that we have been talking about Pedro already, where are we connected?

D. Do you remember I told you about your lifetime in Egypt? I see you walking with all kinds of bags and baskets of spices and medicinal herbs. Meeting Pedro as a fellow traveler and student in the big library of Alexandria. He used to be a healer within the Essene community that traveled on and off to study and collect his materials needed for his work.

In that library you met Pedro for the first time. Both of you were researching all kinds of topics through piles of old books. Your connection came to be through a deeply shared passion for working with plants.

Funny to see that he is now the person to teach me to reestablish my connections with my memories and the plants. This is only one of many things we've already seen in other readings, but for now I will keep it to this reading.

D. By the way this is the library where we also met during this lifetime. The one with the portals and the Egyptian tantra practice within the mystery schools and beautiful piramides. Egypt was full of life, nature and animals were thriving among humans. Well this was still your same life story, but I had already passed away and came into a new body, dedicating my whole life to the Essene traditions and way of life.

I traveled on and off for initiations and studying at that time. You followed me to the Essene community, because we recognized each other as twins immediately and so you ended up coming for longer periods of time to learn and teach within the Essene communities. So we could stay connected for a certain time before we separated our own ways to continue our personal work. That life I had only one goal and that was my service to source and my soul's journey. So you went your own way.

N. Sweet thank you for this extra puzzle piece, it is amazing how things come together and notice how the soul family is woven in through our life to experience, learn and teach together.

Yes time seems a bit weird here and you read it right. Back in those days people new about regeneration techniques through fasting and long periods of silence and darkness. So people could extend their life span over 100's of years, when initiated in these techniques. So that's why I was still in Egypt while Debra passed away, was reborn and we meet again in the library. As adult man and she was a young girl around her 16, driven to learn and grow.

D. Now I need to close my eyes. Our dear friend (Hannah), from the situation involving the girl with the energy attachment, has been connected closely to Pedro in the past.

Let's call her Hannah from this point on to make sure I don't lose you in my story.

D. He can help her through being himself. The work he does is very heavy and not a joke. But his approach is very light and loaded with humor. So he's the perfect person to teach one to unload unneeded heaviness around the job and to not take life too seriously every day and second of our lives. Everything will turn out just like it is supposed to be, so nothing to worry. Our door is open whenever she needs support and she is always welcome to walk in when she needs a listening ear or some help to get back on track. Pedro will remind her a lot about our approach to her and this will bring her the confidence to continue seeing through what she needs to see through for now.

At this point I'm crying, realizing that Pedro taught me the same and that it is a strength to master this attitude within this line of work. Gratitude humbly floats me with tears, realizing this for myself while Debra is telling me this about Hannah and Pedro.

This first part of the reading came to the table because I miss Peru big time and the past year I had a lot of moments where this was weighing on me very heavily. Last time I left in a hurry, some of my friends were not in a good place and this kept my worries through the year in the back of my mind. Thinking I was letting my friends down to not be there when they needed someone most. Up till now it is still not clear when exactly we can move on and leave Europe once again. This became a burden that I wanted to clarify deeper through the intentions of receiving this reading.

I remembered that everything had its time and place and that we were exactly where we needed to be.

D. Yes, Pedro, from his side I feel that he is questioning deeply who can follow up the work that he did so far. He is getting older, almost 80 years. There are a handful of students around the family, but he feels that he needs to reach out to as many people as possible on this path to guide them back into the right direction. His responsibility towards service is everything.

He is worried to see just a few people taking on the responsibility of continuing this work. It is possible to become truly happy and this is what he presents. That we all have our connection to God/Source without the need of anybody’s help. This is all he desires to pass on to the next generation that will continue with this knowledge for future generations.

You are one of these people, Hannah too. Pedro sees these younger people as light points to bring it into the collective consciousness. And he’s determined to keep on teaching people and passing his wisdom wherever he can. That is his mission, dedicated in a very humble and kind way.

He once said to me that he isn't afraid of death or questions too much of what when I die. He knows to the core of his heart that he is here in service of the higher good and to put it in his words, "I'm done with working when god is calling me back home!". With a big smile on his face.. "And that's it, nothing more"

As is our way, me and my wife handle the same mentality and spirit in our work and this is everything. Yes, we do enjoy our relationship and take the best life that we can. Every day we discover more as we allow the joy and gratitude more and more into our lives for a bigger purpose. That we are not here for ourselves but to assist the collective through our own inner work and so we can help others through our own journey of remembering, re-balancing our inside feminine and masculine energy and embodying our soul’s essence.

So to continue with the story I need to recap a little bit on the past weeks.

Every morning we start our day slowly with tea or coffee and our tarot decks, playing with the energy and the reflection of the day to benefit or get as much as possible out of our day with the dynamic that presents itself in this reflection. It’s like tapping into the telephone line and deciphering the codes from your subconsciousness to bring into your conscious perspective and actively work with it.

Around Christmas we got ourselves a gift of a new deck of tarot cards, the light and shadow deck. This deck contains 2 decks, one mirrors the other within the symbology of the classic tarot. But one side brings out the light and the other one the shadow or the conscious and the subconscious part of the daily dynamic. Lately they have been bringing me very dark insights around attacks and protection, breaking the old to make space for the new.

Only I was feeling and observing the complete opposite in my daily routine during these weeks. So that’s another reason why this situation with Hannah and Pedro was the first one to check in from the perspective of this reading. There was not a hair on my head, that was thinking to leave any stones unturned to get over with so the work was done.

We have been already for more than a year turned inside out over and over again. We are deeply exhausted and looking forward to taking a break from the crazy changes and drastic decisions that we had to make to do what we are supposed to do. So with these cards popping up again I was rolling my eyes around over and over. Like, when is enough enough?

But so far things are only getting better and better. We have never been so happy as individuals and together in family like the harmony and balance that we achieved after this crazy adventure up till today. Because it ain’t over yet!

D. I close my eyes to continue. Now I see you as a teenager and your dad.

So it was time to dive into my childhood, of this current life time.

Next month I will continue the story! I wanted to bring this out in one piece, but so far I’m only 16 minutes into a 2 hour recording. So I’ll leave you guys with this part for the month and look forward to continuing this transcription of our Akashic record session for my birthday. It feels great to come out of my closet! Thadaa 😀

See you all next month. Love, Nick

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