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The fisherman and a stranger

I would love to tell you all a short but powerful story about a fisherman;

‘Closeby a rocky coastline there was a simple cabin on the beach.

More than enough to live a simple life closer in harmony with his environment. In this cabin an old man lived. He had a lot of adventures in the past exploring a big part of the world. And so, found his contentment in the simple things in life and desired to roll out his old days close to a beach enjoying the tranquility of nature on a daily basis. Fully emerging with his own natural biorhythm.

Every morning he goes fishing for his food of the day, some days more lucky than others, but that wasn’t a worry for the man. He knew that he would always have exactly what he needed to pass the day.

One day a stranger passes by and walks up to the man fishing and asks: “Can I have some of your fish, sir?” Fisherman; “Wouldn’t you rather like to learn how to fish and how to make the tools you need for fishing? Then you can go fishing everyday, take care of your own food and have less worries in the future. We can also go fishing together sometime. I’m here everyday.” While the man was surprised with the offer of the fisherman he complied with the proposal and learned how to fish.

He was never begging again for food, but was able to take care of himself and found a new friend by opening up to these new possibilities and perspectives in life and letting go of a lifestyle that didn’t serve him anymore.’ Well, my dear friends and followers, I would love to apply the same principles to my own work.

I struggled for years, looking for my own way and only picked up the information that was speaking to me. Not taking everything all the way in like many traditions demand. Very quickly it came to my attention that this was even more efficient and closer to myself than any other approach I ever tried and learned that we all are unique and are here to express ourselves in our own unique ways. So why follow a structure that we use for everybody? It’s almost like going to school. Like, do you know the animal school perspective on education? It is about a fish, a monkey and an elephant in gym class. The teacher is asking all the animals to climb up the rope and the first one to hit the bell at the top succeeds in their exams for sports for that school year. So the monkey goes on a climb to the top like he used to do his whole life. Then the fish comes in, but can’t even start to climb because it doesn't have any hands or feet to pull himself up. At last, the elephant raises his trunk just to ring the bell from the floor without climbing.

This video, inspired me of sharing my own version of this story: check it out on Youtube;

Big love to Prince Ea for his wise poetic words!

So do you see how we take everybody under the same circumstances in our education system? Without any space to really develop your own unique thing that you are able to express will be limited by the way it is approached today and creates in this way a very difficult setting to allow space for inner work and cultivating yourself with all that life has to offer. Nobody can work and express themselves the same way and I noticed for myself that following this idea for myself brought me my own unique style on how I deal with myself in difficult times and how to apply the insights I gain to my daily routine and lifestyle. And as it is, this what created the foundation for every step I take today.

My desire is to bring this into a workshop that I will repeat every 3 months for a group of 3 people. Where we first dive into every individual's current state of being, blocks and dreams. In this jumping board workshop, we will create a foundation and blueprint to gain clarity on your personal needs and skills over a month. Every week we meet 1h30 in a group online where we can share our experiences and insights during this process. At the same time by doing this together in a small group you’ll be able to start a community around people that are looking for similar ways in life, share perspectives, insights and which will help a lot with processing layers within. Many who embark on this journey will feel lonely at certain times on their journey and it is always good to have community around or know at least a couple of people where you can reach out to share and express your authentic self and cultivate in an environment that is supportive for everyone that likes to join it.

So connected to this workshop I opened a private facebook group also where all my clients can access free for lifetime after I worked with you. In here I desire to build a safe space where we can all share our process in bringing our own unique medicine back into our lives. And so, build a platform, where we all can share and care for each other. None of us are supposed to walk this path alone and by re-uniting in a safe and authentic place I hope we can create this safe space for each other together. Lift each other up and build a life for ourselves and future generations to enjoy. There is no stronger way than standing in life, remembering who you are on a soul level and rediscovering your own medicine that helps all of you to color the puzzle’s pieces together to create the bigger picture in union again.

I’m really enlightened and happy that I discovered this for myself and the results that I see now in my life were things that I never could have imagined and it took me to places I thought that only existed in fantasy books on dragons and wizards and chizzel, hahaha! 😀

Follow me on instagram to stay tuned for the workshop’s development and to know when I open my agenda for the first bookings in January. If you would like to be one of the first 3 people to join the program, follow me on instagram and personal questions are always welcome through email. Insta: Sapito de la foresta Email: Also if you are curious about more of my work you can always check out my website: for my readings and other services. Thank you all for reading this week, catch on the flipside! Love & gratitude,


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