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New year, new step closer in the direction of our dreams

2021 was a turbulent year, in my personal life, as well as for the collective. Our whole environment, has been a crazy rollercoaster, which has brought us to unexpected new situations. Which resulted in having to broaden my perspectives, on an individual level, a family level, and professionally. Being open to unknown roads in life. We jumped as a family into the unknown...

This would have never been possible without my love, Debra. As a team, we found our trust and faith to take on the descisions that would bring us closer to our dreams and soul mission. We gave up everything else that didn't align with this perspective. We got firmly tested, Being subjected to big tests in life, almost causing us to go mental, like one of the biggest "exams" we ever took to put our skills to the test, to see, what we were able to handle and to create for ourselves.

2022, just tipped over and we're back on track! Small fruits start to grow and clarity develops on our road, gently touching the horizon of our nearby future.

Step by step getting a bit closer to finding our personal temporary space on Mallorca. Work slowly starts to pick up again, and a fresh, energetic flow for a fresh new year is pushing us forward to keep going.

During the holidays, Debra urged me to put up a personal website and to create an offering founded on my personal life experience within the holistic health field, mainly plant medicines.

And it went very fast thanks to this driving fury by my side.

I used to be rather shy and kept my social media life very limited.

Now she is introducing me to her own way with social media, so a whole new approach in my lifestyle is taking place. We are also working on creating and sharing podcasts and interviews, so stay tuned for all of that. Not even mentioning the loss of my dad that I was faced with right before leaving, being thrown into fatherhood myself, learning how to navigate life with a 7 year old cutie by my side, getting engaged, and to be married to this wonderful lady, Debra!

And so a new chapter in life begins...

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