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Letting go of the old paradigm

It’s been a while since I wrote something, I've been away from social media as much as possible, trying to create some space to come back to myself. 2022 so far has been another rollercoaster of huge transformation and recalibrating my personal being. Social circles that are dropping away to make space for new circles to come of like-minded people to continue building and perceiving the perceptions we wish to create. It can hurt a lot when one has to let go of old loved ones or an old world they used to live in and it can be very scary and beautiful at the same time. When we manage to let go of controlling such a situation and accept the flow that passes through such a moment, we can discover that it is always for the best of ourselves and at our highest interest to let go and move on. When accepting this flow of energy, one will notice that things take time to change and these periods are perfect to come back to your own center and to take time to sit with yourself to give direction and clarity towards the next steps of the journey we walk on this planet. There was never any reason to not do this, fighting was just the struggle of not being able to let go. While after such a twist it seems so ridiculous that there even was a fight to let go. Why do we tend to fight to hold on old things that don’t belong anymore or are not in our best interest? Simply because it is normal to have a certain structure of habits and social life, which we are conditioned to maintain. But that’s not a natural structure nor the way nature works. So if we are a part of nature it feels a lot closer to the essence of nature to learn from her flow and the way she handles things. Let go of ideas to allow them the space so they can grow. When this growth process is ready, take action towards the vision of the direction you wish to navigate on a daily basis and along the way you can pick up the fruits that grew through this process of manifesting something creative and new for yourself and closer to the passion you wish to express. It sure is not easy to adapt but it can definitely be as simple as that. We just like to make things complicated between our ego and our heart. As long as these inner battles continue, one will never discover the clarity over manifestations they wish to create. So to come back to yourself is a very important practice in daily routine. Also one of the reasons why I love it so much is to go to the Ayahuasca ceremonies at Don Pedro’s house. To clear out my crap and to come back to my center with a cleaner slate and some new insight to continue on my journey. Same reason why Kambo is such a beautiful medicine to work with and easy to take along wherever I go. So to this I lack the words to express my love and gratitude to all these medicines and the people that still keep these practices alive and going in this current moment.

Gracias y muchas bendiciones a todos!

So what came out for me in this last round of sitting with myself and going through another loop of the rollercoaster, is that I miss the talks around the coffee table big time. When I used to live in Ghent (East-Flanders, Belgium), I moved a lot around to several co-housing projects. These have been beautiful and very rich in life lessons, many of those lessons were shared around the table during the morning or after dinner between the beers and the bottles of wine. It was fun to discover that every household had their own version of these table scenes. In Iquitos there have been similar experiences but then on the terraces around the boulevard area. These talks went more in the direction of plant medicines and holistic health and I wish to bring more of a mix of all these conversations back to share with the people around me through a podcast. From friends to other interesting souls, offering a platform to share life stories and experiences. So keep in touch through my Instagram and follow for the updates on the podcast!

Greetings and good health from the cave office.

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