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Climbing the mountain of life

The first thing that comes to mind is; Why not walk along the path up the mountain instead of climbing it? It’s reliable and you know what is coming your way. Already so many people walk the road that is laid out for them. So it would be safe and secure. A way with a minimum of resistance and obstacles. But what is the point in it if already so many walked this road? What is there to learn in repeating something that has already been experienced? When you choose to create your own way it will become a lot harder to get to the top of the mountain. At times one might not even know where they’re on their route to the top and things might not be clear, there will be a lot of frustration and hardship. There will be a lot of moments where you have to do a ton of things that you really don’t want to deal with. Confrontation with personal discomforts and one's inner shadow. All your insecurities, doubts, traumas, will be rising to be faced. That’s why we used to call them demons. Only they are not there to take us down, but rather to assist us to grow stronger and become ourselves towards our highest potential. If we manage to break it down to a daily practice of being true to yourself and managing to practice confrontation we can see how facing these things in steps will bring hardship and understanding. That the human being is a lot stronger than we think and that the human body and mind are flexible and practically limitless in potential towards growth. Instead of the idea that the world around us creates us, we can discover that we have the power within to create our own life by facing your own darkness and for me that’s the way I can see my own growth through many dark years, from childhood till my late 20’s, that this was a blessing instead of curse that I could blame to be put on me like a spell from an outside source of malice. Only these things are not taught in schools or our parental advisory. We have been living the illusion of giving ourselves over to a lifestyle that advises us to live in a comfort bubble where they give you the idea that you can’t do anything on your own and that there is a higher party playing the cards on how we are supposed to navigate through life without questioning too much. Rather a prefab lifestyle than something unique and autonomous we can all individually create and bring together as social beings to create a world together that is supportive and for the better good of all. We could regain touch with our own body, which is one of the first important steps to coming to yourself again. Being aware of what’s playing inside of the mind and realizing that we are a lot more than just a bag of bones and meat. By just accepting that facing ourselves on a daily basis is the biggest step of a process towards change in yourself and so will influence your life to change on the outside as well. But all this takes time and is not something we can flip over night. It’s a process that demands discipline, hardship, endurance, dedication, balls to make your own decisions and the will to face very uncomfortable situations. When we can endure these experiences one will grow tremendously. Because when you face all these different layers, facades within you, that are holding you back from what you truly are and wish to express in this life, you will notice that real life is just starting. No more victimhood in struggle and pain, but now a new perspective with curiosity and a burning will to learn and grow. Seeing opportunities in difficult times that rather drive to get things done in life with a driven and directed strength and passion. And still once in a while we will drop or hit a wall, but it’s all in our own attitude when we encounter these moments. What do you do, you stay down or do you jump up and pick up to continue your process of growth? It’s about picking yourself up with a smile and admitting honesty to yourself where your flaws are and how you wish to transform them into a tool for transformation. There is only one thing that we can control and that is the path we choose to walk for our own life stories. So this is the time that I hope many more people will find wisdom in confronting themselves and pushing their limits to become a better version of themselves. Doesn’t matter what you believe in life or who you are or where you are supposed to go in life. What your reason for being on earth is, is by experiencing our own growth and development to deal with our inside storm, we automatically project it to the world around us. Not with words but just by being you and how you live your life. Set yourself the goal to become the best version of yourself and this will be reflected back eventually from the world you’re living in and at same time your living the solutions for others there problems to come. By finding our own solutions we bring these experiences to the collective network and so it becomes available for other people as well. And so we can create new and all sorts of different ways to the top of the mountain. It’s just about the perspectives we have from our side of the mountain. Know that if you don’t like the view or the road you’re experiencing, that you always have the opportunity to change the perspective or view you experience.

This perspective was shared with me by my kung fu trainer years ago, Tai Sihing. Somewhere around 2015 he enlightened me with this insight, today we are 2022. So it really is a process, from knowing what a different perspective can look like to how the application of such a perspective can be a part of your daily life. Hereby I would like to conclude that working hard on yourselves and gaining new perspectives is very important, just don’t forget to apply them and practice these amazing insights into daily life. Where they can become fruits towards a completely new way of experiencing life, creating something better for ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters. And so I’m very grateful for life, the people I share life with and being able to share these insights with people around me. Thanks for reading and good luck on your own journey towards the top of the mountain! Aho - Amen!

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