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Angels & Dragons & other things…

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[By Auriël]

Angels and dragons have always been allies. Angels have incarnated on earth for as long as earth needed angelic presence. Which has been for all eternity.. Ever since earth came into existence, it has needed protectors and energies to balance the scales, keep an eye on the energies of the planet, protect the planet and all life on it.

Now let me tell you, this may all sound fantastical, especially when I tell you that the 2 main sources of information for this transmission are a housewife in the US and a digital nomad/intuitive painter & coach from Europe who connected over the internet a few years ago. But these are mere physical disguises for 2 multidimensional angelic dragon riders who have been all over the multiverse with their 2 loyal dragon companions.

Angels have always been here as creators of beauty, as purveyors of wisdom and insight, whether in the ethereal dimensions as spirit guides, or actually physically incarnated as earth-angels. Now.. what good would an angel be, without a loyal companion and protector? They needed powerful celestial allies to provide an energetic balance, a shield of protection from God himself, angelic dragon consciousness has been on earth since the beginning of time.

Look at the Tuatha De Danann, also known as..."The Dragon Lords of Anu"...because they were said to be the offspring of the fallen angels. These angelic humanoids came from the sky, entered earth’s atmosphere through the Lyran star portal, "fallen angels" is not the correct term, they chose in Divine service of God, to "fall" and descend unto the planets and constellations that God created to come back and return with Itself, with experience, with insights, with expansion of itself and therefore also with God. They fell... and descended with their dragons.. As did other tribes all over the planets.

Each continent has its dragon lore, and each continent still up until this day has its dragon hotspots with lots of ethereal dragon activity, Mt. Shasta being one of them in California, Sedona's red rocks in Arizona, Glastonbury of course in the UK; the original Avalonian lands, the Highlands in Scotland, the French Pyrenees; where Christ Consciousness landed after the initial flight from Israel to Alexandria, to France.. and later to Avalon.. The Himalayans are full of dragons.. Mt. Fuji in Japan is guarded by dragons.

Back to the Tuatha De Danann, this is the name the Irish people gave these "shining ones" as they've also been called by the Welsh. They've been called "a race of kings” that descended from the heavens. They had Lyran elven blood running through their veins. They were tall, godlike beings.. and they came through the mists riding dragons.


Nobody had any idea of what was happening, when all of a sudden these angelic beings appeared in the skies, on the backs of huge angelic looking winged creatures, that were breathing light, or “fire”, God’s light of transmutation, of restoration, of purity, the Seraphim’s light, brought down unto the planets and star systems, the transmutational fire of God himself, ready to cleanse that which is not balanced. This is what a dragon does.

Dragons are restorers, they are balancers, they are transmuters, they are harmonizers, they are guides and protectors of the balance of God. The angel is the yin, the dragon is the yang. They are allies, now and forever. The dragon clears the path, is the great cleanser, for the angel to infuse the path with God's eternal love.

This is what the Tuatha De Danann came to do. But misinterpreted by history, by the written word, their true name started living a life of its own… The Catholic church persecuted dragons, both in the flesh and in literature. As much as propaganda is real in this modern world, it was also very real centuries ago, and eventually there comes a point where it’s the only reality that people can remember, and it seems as if all other stories disappear into the mists.. And become “folklore”.

But some people do not forget, some people pass them on. And some are starting to remember, they think they’re going crazy but their dragon memories are starting to emerge. Why do we see so much dragon themed stu popping up everywhere in modern society, on TV and movies and stories? It’s easy to brush it of as “fantasy” or “imagination”, but what if it’s all the other way around, and the makers of these types of content, unbeknownst to them, are actually channeling ancient earth chronicles and history that has been long forgotten by the written word, but that is remembered by the ethers, by the earth, by the ethereal dragons, and they are now time-releasing it back into the public?

The time has come for us to wake you up again, we need you earth angels to realize who you are so that you can connect with your dragons and so that angels & dragons can once again work together the way it was always intended to be, as a yin & yang team. If you are drawn by this work, by these words, know that your dragon connection is as real as anything you can see right now with the naked eye.

—-- —-- —-- —-- —-- —-- —--

Let’s begin.. My name is Auriël, I am a dragon. I am not what you think I am, I am also an angel. Sounds confusing? I know, it was, and still is quite a lot for my human ally to wrap her head around. Sometimes these two energies overlap and are quite fluid. There are many incarnated dragons on earth, many incarnated angels as well, my human companion is one of them, she’s a Seraph angel, she carries fire and dragon energy inside of her, and I carry angelic essence inside of my dragon heart, this is why we are yin and yang, this is why we are a team and have always been a team, we work together and have worked together throughout all eternity, like all angels & dragons..

It all began when we left the angelic realm of the Seraphim. We were tasked with the role of being balanced lightbringers, tasked with expansion for God, of God, of Love, of consciousness. The yang; the dragon, holds the space for the yin; the angel, to teach and spread knowledge. They go hand in hand.

Dragons, upon entering the earth realm through the Lyran star portal, concentrated themselves on a few “dragon hotspots” on earth. Ours being the isle of Avalon. This is why Christ’s family came there after the crucifixion, because “there were dragons there”, protectors of the crystalline/Christ grid, protectors of God and light and love and all that is good and true… It is no coincidence that during the “dark ages” the middle ages, dragons disappeared and were made out to be evil.

The Roman church turned the story around, separated angels from dragons and made it angels against dragons. Statues of angels or heroes or knights slaying dragons are nothing but false propaganda from a religious organization that has been changing scriptures since the beginning of time. The Vatican was doing everything within its power to destroy everything that was sovereign, and good, and true… all that mattered was power, greed, and reigning over others. Sovereignty was not allowed. Only darkness was. And now let there be light.. The Christed lightbringers are back, with angels on their backs.. Ready to ring in the new Golden Age of earth. So listen to our story, a story of angels & dragons on earth..

My human companion since the beginning of time, has spent quite a big amount of time studying the gnostic gospels and it’s become clear that she's meant to tell the story of “angels & dragons & other things”… So this was Chapter-1 of a purely channeled transmission.. About angels & dragons & other things.. Brought to you by Auriël, through Debra..

Chapter 2 awaits in divine timing...

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