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A never-ending cleansing

The biggest step in learning from plants start with our personal cleaning and healing process.

First one needs to clean all old habits, energy, thoughts and toxins from their own being before a process of healing can be started.

This is something that is an important baseline within energy/healing work, no matter what branch or skills you are presenting or using for yourself.

In the past I have seen so many people (including myself) continuously working with other people and it's almost that we forgot to go within once in a while, to sit with our own medicines.

Within this line of work it is very important to build in a routine of cleansing.

In Zen art they compare it to going to the toilet on a daily basis. This is nature and it will never stop until the day that we take our last breath.

When you don't go to the toilet, you'll intoxicate yourself with things that are old and that you're holding on to.

The human body is a healing mechanism by itself.

Every day of our life our bodies cleanse themselves and push out toxins and other chemicals that are of no use or don't belong in the body anymore. Our bodies are self-regulating systems that can clean, purify and rebuild themselves. Although we seem to have forgotton this. Lost our trust in this natural proces. It's good to work hard and have a burning will to help the people around you, but balance is a very important key in anything. We can't take care of others if we don't take care of ourselves. Even more so when you work with other people, you can take over energies that aren't yours. So a daily routine of selfcare can help to cleanse this.

Take some time for yourself in the morning, take a shower to clean our physical and energetic body. Eat well and healthy, to have the energy to go through the day, drink a lot of water so the body has the right substances to do its work. We all have our own "rituals" through our daily life to recharge and to go back out with fresh energy.

For myself, I had a serious reminder of this in the past month.

These intense times demand a lot of energy and focus. Things are going faster and faster, which can make it easy to forget your routine, your balance.

So I took a couple of days off to return to myself, sit with myself and my own medicine.

Waking up every morning to sit with Kambo for a week. Eating very simple, have no influence from outside and also not to forget put down social media life. Discard all possible external influences. So that it can become more clear what is yours to be cleaned and what is not yours that is sticking on to you.

It completely reinvigorated my mind, my body and my energy. Tensions in the body were piling up, they form blocks first in your energy field. When not directly taken care off routinely, they start to manifest as physical symptoms which is the last stage of the body's communication to alert you that there is a need to look inside. Might it be by forcing things or things we don't want to see or accept.

Conclusion in the end was that by neglecting my selfcare it became harder and harder to deal with things around me. Now that I'm back on track and did my work, things start to flow again and life feels a lot lighter.

Don't hold on to things that don't serve you, be brave and when you face your own cleansing we can became lighter and happy again to go and share this with people around us. So they can become lighter and more fluent in daily life as well. We create our reality, so by helping ourselves we help others and the world around us.

Aho, grateful to my medicines and the people who've shared their knowledge with me to learn these valuable lesson and guided me along this road.

Blessings & thank you guys!

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