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Kambo is a non-psychoactive medicine extracted from the venomous secretions of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor (giant waxy-monkey tree frog) And is often referred to as the “vaccine of the forest.” It is One of the most powerful natural anabiotic’s of the world.

Kambo is used to reset the body’s natural ability to heal itself on a cellular level, and to radically cleanse and shift illness in the body.

Whether you feel a call to detoxification of dis-ease in your physical body or dis-ease in your psycho-spiritual self, a sense of deep healing and a reset of the immune system is often experienced following the Kambo purification ceremony.

After Kambo people often see massive energetic shift’s in their lives, from dramatic improvements and physical healing, to reductions in depression and addiction, to relieve from chronic pain and major illnesses.

The Kambo frog excretion contains a myriad of around 120 bio-active peptides with impressive anecdotal evidence to indicate a multitude of benefits for people with the following conditions:

Cancer - HIV - strokes - lymes diseases - herpes - chronic pain - hepatitis - diabetes - Alzheimer’s - depression - arthritis - addiction - chronic fatigue - Parkinson’s diseases - vascular diseases - rheumatism - allergies - skin diseases - ...

You will come to the Kambo ceremony on an empty stomach without drinking too many liquids before hand.

You will be led to drink quite a bit of room temperature, clean water around 1.5L before the medicine is applied.

I will burn a few dots on your arm or other body parts depending on your condition, using a special wooden stick from the Amazon, "tamchici", lightly burning the subcutaneous layers of the skin so the medicine can enter the bloodstream quickly. (This part is very fast and gently not causing too much pain.)

The medicine is then applied over the dots as it enters the bloodstream very quickly. You will feel a rush of energy, your heart beating faster, heat all over the body, the medicine moving throughout different organs, you may even feel tingly or lightheaded, and eventually after a few minutes the purging process will begin to purify your body and rid yourself of anything harmful. You will be instructed to continue to drink water during this time, if nescessary, so that all of the toxins, negative energy and illnesses in your body have a way to get out.

The purging process will last around 15 to 20 minutes and you may be purging in the bathroom or only purging through the mouth.

After the treatment the medicine will be removed from your body and you will be able to rest.

Many people get a rush of energy after doing the medicine, but some need to rest for a many hours and take it easy to allow their body to heal. Listen to your body.


-No pills 72 hours before.

-12 hour empty stumick before attending the ceremony.
-Try to stay away from fried food, sugar, red meat, diary products and gluten as much as you can.
-No alcohol or drugs
-Marijuana is ok

No fried food or food that is too heavy eat something healthy like vegetables rice and fish or a nice soup.

Don't eat or drink anything but a bit of water or herbal thees are ok.

Eat light and healthy, easy to digest foods like soups and juices for the next three days. Bone broth is amazing at this moment and lots of herbal teas and lemon water.
There is no aftercare for the dots just make sure that the dragon's blood is dry and your dots are sealed of for infection and skinrepare. 
They can get itchy after a couple of days, but that's just a sign that the skin is reparing itself and the dots are healing. So try not to scratch them and let the crust come off in a natural way, when new skin is ready.

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