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My story in a nutshell


In 2009 I had my first contact with a more holistic approach towards personal healing.

At that time crystals where the first thing to shake the world that I knew back then.

They led me to go within, which gave me the insight of the importance of the way we breathe and the way the body talks on how one feels inside. Our body can tell us a lot more about ourselves than we often want to admit or what we are conscious of.

Practicing mindfulness brought me to Eastern traditions on meditation and breathwork, which I accompanied with working on the body with kung fu. Thanks to these tools and philosophy I managed to heal myself from scoliosis, with the help of a specialist who helped me to correct my body, so I could strenghten my body through physical exercices to develop muscles to walk straight without any discomfort. By correcting my physical body, I noticed that trauma and behavioral patterns came to light by re-alinging the physical body. I understood that our emotional and mental wellbeing was connected to our physical state of being. This was a slow process that took years to understand.

Around the time that I started to work with crystals for myself, mushrooms also popped up in my life and opened the door towards plant medicines and more ancient ways of healing the mind and spirit. They helped me to conquer old traumas and face depression by re-arranging the way I thought and perceived the world around me.

In 2016, I took my first solo trip to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, to explore the world of plant medicines, where the knowledge was still available on how to work with plants like our ancestors once did. After my first retreat, in early 2018 I found my maestro Don Ronald Joe Wheelock with whom I started an apprenticeship working with plant medicines without knowing where this would lead. It's here that I discoverd the love for trees and learning directly from them alongside my maestra Ayahuasca. After this intense opening into the world of plant medicines , through a following dieta I was directed to a Mestizo family (Panduro Navarro) in Iquitos coming from Llamas (Region Tarapoto/Peru), where up until this day, I'm still a student at Pedrito's University and walking my own direction. Learning never stops!

In 2021, I decided to let go of everything. I left my life in my native country of Belgium, and took myself as far as possible out of the system. Went off to the Peruvian jungle, with only three backpacks, containing my most precious items. There was a piece of land needing to be taken care of, belonging to a friend and an opportunity to disappear into the jungle. So I let go of everything I ever lived by. Surrendering myself to the jungle. And then the day came that I ran out of money and other luxury items to have any comfort. The only things remaining were plants and basic jungle food, my cat, chickens and a dog belonging to the property.

During this adventure I started to remember, who I am as a soul, why I am here, what my mission  and work on this planet is. Coming from a very rational and logical upbringing, I now can no longer deny that living a life in alignment with my higher self is essential. Triggered by seeing a lot more and discovering very intimate sides of life and our universe.

It's almost unimagenable how beautiful and loving this whole life experience can be and is at all times.

After spending six months in the jungle, and some time in Iquitos city, I ended up back in Belgium, this brings me to the second part of my journey, my twin flame, Debra. I never wanted to go back to Belgium. But the call to reconnect was bigger than my personal soul-quest. We initially connected profesionally. I contacted her for an akashic records reading for myself, wanting to gain some extra insights to prepare for the jungle adventure and coming dietas. As Debra jumped into my records, she surprisingly discoverd many images and memories including her presence. These insights brought more questions and Debra asked if she was allowed to dive deeper into my records, to find out what was going on. So she discovered that we've been together as one, twin flames, a truth that deeply resonated with me, the moment she shared this information with me. Initially from a distance we explored and discovered how deep this connection went in spirit and intuition. Being granted these new insights in being one within and without. After connecting and doing long distance work between Belgium and Peru. We are now on our mission together, traveling as a family, on our way back to the Amazon. Sharing and helping out where we land and flow.

First stop Mallorca!

Now, as we're approaching 2022, after 5 transformative years of intense work (most importantly the integration aspect) I gained a lot of knowledge on integration work with plant medicine experiences and traumas. Ever since gaining these insights, my mission has been to guide people further into transforming the insights that they've gained during plant medicine journeys and/or other big life changing experiences into knowledge that they can apply in their day to day life, with the goal of connecting to their essence. My goal is to make you remember who you are, and who you can be.

My story: Over mij
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