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hermetic jumping board

Before we schedule our one on one work I will do a life tree reading, to get an overview on your current position within your soul’s blueprint for this lifetime. Because you are here for a specific reason, it is important to find some clarity on this so that we can start up a process that will get you back or further on your path to express this authenticity and medicine that your soul has to offer. No two people are the same! We all have our own unique set of expressions in this lifetime. And my desire is to help people discover the spark that will bring them back to who they truly are in line with the desires of their soul.


I do a moon reading for the month we do our one on one sessions. This allows me to read the energy for every week we meet and so I can plan out steps starting from those insights toward the goals you desire to achieve. It will also contain an overview on the whole month as essence within the reading. This will give us a backbone and red line to wave your personal needs within the energies that are presenting themselves for that month. Because once we embark on this path you learn to open up to the things that you need to create the space to allow your desires to manifest in your life. These are fruits that come forth out of hard labor on your own inner balance and path through this life. Eventually this will become visible in your external experience.


You’ll also get an annual reading that will offer you an overview on the year ahead and every month within that year. So after our first month of work you will already have an energy map for the rest of the year to continue with the basic skills you build up in our one on one coaching sessions.


You’ll receive a recording of each session we have. I also add some advice, tips and homework in the email for you to complete and practice until our next session. Which is really important to be able to build up on our previous work and work with the experiences you gained during the weeks between sessions. So you have a recap on the topics we talked about combined with some practical tools and types for your specific situation to achieve your goals. Not only for our session but also to create new habits and lifestyles that fall in line with your heart.


During that month I will also be available to you from Monday to Friday and answer your messages within 24 hours. This will allow for me to stay as close as possible by your side to guide you on your way with a basic skill set fit to your personal needs, so you can continue by yourself to create your own unique way.


When you are willing to put in the effort of integrating this information and actively apply it into your daily routine you will be blown away by the possibilities that you couldn’t have imagined for yourself. It’s only by taking action that this picture will become clear to you while moving forward and working on the things you want to change in your life. This is taking back your power and responsibility for yourself to become the change you want to see in the world.


Let's find out where your true potential has been hidden!

The content of the pack and the way I apply it with you:


*Life tree reading 


*Moon reading 


*Annual reading 


*4 sessions one on one coaching in 1 month, 1 session / week 1 hour with a summary and practical types to work on your progress.


*From Monday to Friday I respond to any message or mail within 24 hours to stay as close on your side as possible during this month.


*All these services together are very strong when combined and you can save a lot of money by taking this pack for €655.

*All costs together in separated services would end up in a total amount of €905. In this way I motivate you to take the jump from this Hermetic board!

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