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Why a monthly magazine

A personal view

I got introduced to spirituality in my teenage years, through my mom and her connections practicing shamanism in different traditions and the use of crystals. This started a deep search about myself and bigger questions in life. Reading books, looking for any information on whatever topic I was interested in, I would search as many perspectives as I could to bring it together to see what I could learn for my personal development. I would just absorb everything and allow my mind to wander to far away times and ancient knowledge that I was eager to re-awaken. For my beloved this drive was the exact same within her own search for answers.


Sharing and connecting

In this modern internet age we also see a lot of digital mystery schools, video and webinar based collectives coming out of the woodwork. And I love it all. So this is how we would like to add our piece of the collective puzzel to support the possibility to share information.


After asking my spirit entourage how I could reach more people, and share what I love more efficiently, I got the clear guidance to write, write, write, write,... For years I ignored it until last year, January 2022. And it soon became apparent that this was to be a shared project with my beloved Debra. Our passion for writing and reading and sharing knowledge is what inspired this magazine.

Would you like to share your own story or memories? Contact us for guest writing or sharing your story in an interview! Because we are all co-creating our experience here on earth.



Today censorship and the control of sharing information is becoming a regular thing. The need to create private platforms where it becomes possible again to share unfiltered information is very important to us. So if we can't relay on authorities and media companies it is up to us, the people, to create our own. Where everybody has the free choice to digest the information that they like.

What we want to offer is a variety of many things. There are quite a lot of mindfulness, wellness, meditation, esoteric, ET/UFO magazines out there that cover their specific niche. But I like all of it, and I know many people who see all of this as one holistic experience. So this is what we offer you here in this magazine. The idea of creating a bridge between the world we’ve always known and the old/new that is opening up again. On our journey we noticed that it isn’t only about learning new things but that it is more a journey of remembering who we truly are as a human species and how we can restore our connection with Spirit. Which we have forgotten at a certain point throughout our soul’s journey while undergoing many cycles of reincarnation.


Strings Attached
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Here you will find information ranging from channeled angel messages to interviews, mystic history of the world, sacred union, tarot updates, astrology updates, information on essential oils, crystals, medicinal plants, shamanism. But also what it means to be a human being in this world, how to parent our children in a conscious way. How to deal with trauma, how to telepathically connect to animals, star families, Atlantis & Lemuria, different healing modalities. We also make room for spiritual art and poetry, light language. And we also look at the Gnostics and their take on the world 2000+ years ago. I could keep on going… 
The point is that we like to bring more light to the holistic (whole) perspective and discover from curiosity how all the dots can be connected and how we can gain new perspectives on ourselves and the world around us.

For you and the collective

We’d love for you to experience it for yourself. Not only will you be gaining a monthly source containing a plethora of metaphysical information, you’ll also be part of an online community if you so wish, where you can share, ask questions, be part of the energy that we wish to share with this magazine. We all carry parts of the bigger puzzle that can make this image whole again and now that we remember that we’re not supposed to do this alone, it’s time again to reconnect, to remember and to bring our own part to the table for something that is way bigger than ourselves.

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monthly issues

What do you receive? – 1 digital PDF magazine in your e-mail inbox €11/month


Magazines will be e-mailed to the address that you made your purchase with. If you prefer this to be sent to a different address or you are sending the magazine as a gift, please message me through the contact tab.

You’ll receive the current magazine within 24 hours in your inbox!

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