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1:1 Coaching pack with nick & debra

With this pack we combine the hermetic jumping board pack with wisdom from my beloved, Debra. (Click here to learn more about her style of mentorship)


She will dive with you into your soul's history to help you remember and reveal trauma and soul gifts from other life times. You will work with me to integrate this into your daily routine so it can become part of yourself once again. This journey is meant to go deep into recovering your authentic self and to become free from blocks and attachments that are holding you back. Of course this isn't a small task and it will take some time before you can return to your authentic self completely. We find it important to teach the basic tools and open you up to the information so you can learn how to continue this journey on your own in a constructive way after we worked together through this entire pack! 


There is the option for a weekly meeting or meeting every other week, let us know what you prefer. You will receive a recording of our session to recap whenever you feel necessary, a work list with tasks and tips to practice during the time in between our sessions and we will build on that every other session. 


The sessions are alternating between Debra and I so you can bring these other parts of your soul history and higher self into integration work with me. So one session with Debra, another session with me followed again by one with Debra and so on. Everything that we offer in our 1:1 mentorship packs will come together in this duo pack.


After our sessions you will receive an energetic map to continue your journey for the year ahead with our annual reading that we do together. So you will have a map of the energies to come for the next 12 months where you can apply all the tools and knowledge of our work that we did together.


Feel free to write to us if you have any questions about the 2:1 mentorship!




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