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Welcome to yourself

Where there's a will, there's a way...


Do you feel blocked in progressing towards finding balance within? Lost? Depressed? Everybody goes through difficult chapters in life, but few manage to turn it into transforming into a new form, a new start closer to your heart's desire. A desire to bring happiness to your own life. 


I am a holistic healer/coach with years of experience on integrating life experiences into your daily lifestyle. My whole life has been a dedication to finding balance internally to express it to the world around us and so create a life in harmony with what I feel inside.


Do you want to find your hidden potential to discover your needs and aids to develop growth in your personal life?


Do you feel the urge to ground and create a more stable foundation in your life?

Does it feel like your old world doesn’t resonate with your sense of the life you wish to create for yourself?


Let us integrate and clean up what is holding you back from taking actions in your own life. It’s just a choice away! Take your power back into your own hands and let’s transmute the old into the new that is closer to your essences and heart’s desire.

“Use faith as fuel to burn your inner fire, to light your willpower, so you find the dedication to make any decision your heart and soul is wishing to express”


message from the rainforest


What I do

I help you to get anchored into your body, by bringing you to a mind-body-spirit connection.


To create a steady foundation that will allow you to navigate life in a harmonious way. 

I also guide you in your integration process of impactful life events, your plant medicine experiences or other life experiences that require support.

33 years into this magical life, I developed a passion to work and learn with trees and other medicinal plants around the world, mainly in the Northern Amazon region of Peru, within a Mestizo family line tradition. Along the way I rediscovered the importance of the body and breath. While still continuing my path with the Mestizo tradition I also became a disciple at the Shaolin temple in Yunnan (Kunming - China). My desire is to bring both traditions together in a unique way so I can help each individual in their own needs from a full spectrum of body, mind and spirit.


As one part of a traveling family. I try to integrate a new way of living connected with holistic medicine. Wherever our location may be at the current moment, we bring our medicines to help in every way we can. For me with medicines from our natural kingdom, kung fu and my love, Debra. with her  intuitive mentorship and integration work of the higher self through offering energy readings, channeled information and art.


Together we are on a mission as twin flames and wish to use our adventure as an example for people who desire to follow their heart to go and do whatever their soul is longing for.

"There are two mistakes along the way to mastery: not starting it and not going all the way" - Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi (Shaolin Temple Europe)


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